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Cheetahs are well known for their speed and can be found in Africa’s savannahs and deserts. It is the only big cat that has no ability to roar…


There are three classes of honeybees: the queen, the workers, and the drones. Most often, a single queen is living in the hive and it lays eggs for new bees to be born…

Greater Flamingo

The greater flamingo is the most common species of flamingos and they live in flocks of around twenty-thousand other birds.

Box Jellyfish

Box jellyfish can be found in the East Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean. Their fifteen tentacles are a little more than three meters in length…


Orangutans are large mammals and have strong arms became they spend lots of time in trees. There are three different species of orangutan: Sumatran, Bornean, and Tapanuli.


In total, there are three-hundred known species of octopi. They can be found in all oceans around the world and the majority live in the seabed, although not all of them do.

! NEW ! World’s Only Confirmed White Puma on Animalia.Science

Image Reference: First record of leucism in puma from Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Brazil – Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 28 Dec, 2020]

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Meet The Rare Blond Penguin

A single blonde chinstrap penguin was spotted by tourists on a National Geographic expedition at the edge of a South Shetland Island back in January 2012. At first glance, the penguin may look like an albino, but it actually has a rare condition called leucism.

Domestication: Wolf To Woof

Over half of America has at least one pet dog living with them. Tens of thousands of years ago, these friendly pet dogs we keep in our houses, who we often call a man’s best friend – – –

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy hippopotamuses are a dwarf version of the common hippo and can be found in West Africa’s swamps and forests. Unlike the common hippo, the pygmy hippo doesn’t spend most of the day in the water and are not territorial.

Rare White Cougar Caught On Camera

Leucism is quite a rare condition in animals, where there is loss of some pigmentation of the animal. This male cougar was photographed using a camera trap.


Walruses are large mammals that can be found in ice floes close to the arctic circle. They have large tusks and a mustache, which’s hairs are as sensitive to touch as a human’s finger is.

Animals Adapting To The Arctic

Living in the arctic is no easy job for the animal. It’s cold, barely any other animals live there, and it’s quite empty.

Snowy Owl

Snowy owls, also known as the white owl and the arctic owl, are a large species of owl that can be found in the arctic tundra in Eurasia and Arctic areas of North America.

Polar Bear

Polar bears are the biggest bear species. Similar to other arctic animals, polar bears are great swimmers. They paddle in the water using their two front paws, and the toes are fused together a little bit.