Box Jellyfish

AnimalBox Jellyfish
Scientific NameCubozoa
Lifespan1 year
Size3 m
Weight1.9 kg
Conservation statusNot Extinct

Box jellyfish can be found in the East Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean. Their fifteen tentacles are a little more than three meters in length and each has approximately five-thousand cells for stinging.


Box jellyfish are dubbed “the world’s most venomous creature.” Toxins in the venom can harm the nervous system, skin cells, and even the heart. Many people die very quickly from either heart failure or shock. If not, then there are scar marks where the jellyfish stung the victim and a lot of pain for the upcoming weeks.

It’s important to remove any tentacles stuck to the body because they can sting again, even though they are no longer attached to the bell. Pouring vinegar on the stung area prevents extra venom from being released.

Image from Michael Coghlan from Adelaide, Australia

Hunting & Diet

While other species of jellyfish drift, these can actually move in the water at two meters per second (approximately seven kilometers per hour.) They do this to hunt fish, which is what their diet is made up of.

Using their tentacles, they catch prey and then sting and kill it. Their mouth is in the middle of the bell.

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