57,000-Year-Old Wolf Pup Found In Yukon, Canada’s Permafrost

A male wolf pup was discovered in frozen permafrost by a gold miner in Yukon, Canada. Although being stuck in there for almost sixty thousand years, it remained in great condition—the only thing missing from the body is the eyes. This is the oldest wolf pup ever found and the only one of such good quality.

Nearby Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people dubbed the wolf Zhùr. In their language, “Zhùr” means “wolf,” which is how the wolf got its name.

Zhùr was soon placed into a freezer while waiting for paleontologists (people who study fossils) to check it out. Finding these wolves in Yukon’s permafrost is quite uncommon because they’ll have to die in a permafrost-filled area and get buried fast.

Scientists and paleontologists believe that Zhùr got killed in a den collapse. She only lived for approximately seven weeks when this incident happened, meaning he was just about to finish the weaning period and be old enough to leave the den.

Only Zhùr’s body was found, not any of his siblings or his parents’, meaning that for some reason, Zhùr was the only one in the den at the time of the collapse. Or maybe they were, and we just don’t know what happened to their bodies. This is one of those things that scientists will never be able to figure out.

Check out a video of Zhùr here

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