Scientific NameHippocampus
Lifespan1 – 5 years
Size1.52 – 35.5 cm
Weight.2 – .4 kg
Conservation status

Seahorses are a small species of fish measuring up to thirty-five centimeters and can be found in temperate and tropical waters around the world. They don’t swim very well, and when caught in waters disturbed by storms, they can get tired and die.

A tiny fin located on the back wags 35 times every second, thrusting them forward. Tinier fins on the head assist with maneuvering and changing directions. This is how they swim. Using their tails, they can stick themselves in to the ground.

Seahorses mate their whole lives and are monogamous, meaning they mate one seahorse at a time. Males have a pouch on their front side, which the females place the eggs in when they mate. The male then fertilizes them. Later, the eggs hatch.

Watch a seahorse swimming. Vid footage from Mixkit

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