American Robin

AnimalAmerican Robin
Scientific NameTurdus migratorius
Lifespan2 – 14 years
Size23 -28 centimeters in length
Weight59 – 94 grams
Conservation statusLeast concern > Near threatened >
Vulnerable > Endangered >
Critically endangered > Extinct in the wild >

American robins are a popular bird in America. Often, they are seen on people’s lawns picking at worms, as well as other grass-filled areas, and tree-covered areas. You can tell what gender an American robin is by looking at its colors: females have darker colors, while males’ are more bright.

The blue eggs. Photo by Pixabay on

During the day, they search for earthworms on grass and soil. They also eat insects and berries. At sunrise, they sing songs.

Full-grown adult robins have to watch for their predators, which include hawks, cats, and snakes. Squirrels and some other birds may eat a newborn hatchling or an egg.

Listen to the bird sing

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