African White Rhino

AnimalWhite rhinoceros
Scientific NameCeratotherium simum
Lifespan35 – 50 years
SizeHead, body: 3.3 – 2.1 meters
Weight1451.5 – 3628.7
Conservation statusLeast concern > Near threatened >
Vulnerable > Endangered >
Critically endangered > Extinct in the wild >

White Rhinos can be found in eastern and western Africa’s grasslands and savannas. They roll around and relax in the mud, which covers their skin with natural lotions that help with keeping away bugs and protect them from the sun. They have great smell and hearing. Their diet consists of grass and water.

Two horns are located on a rhino which can grow seven and a half centimeters yearly. People hunt their horns for decorations, causing a decline in this species’ population. Male rhinos use their horns for fighting, while females use theirs for calf protection.

The white rhinoceros’ relationship type is polygyny, meaning one male can mate with multiple females. After a 16 – 18 month gestation period, a single calf is born. That calf stays with the mother for two to three years, but may also leave sooner.

Watch White Rhinos in action.

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