Scientific NamePanthera pardus
Lifespan12 – 17 years
SizeLength: 0.9 – 1.6 m
Weight29.9 – 79.8 kilograms
Conservation statusLeast concern > Near threatened >
Vulnerable > Endangered >
Critically endangered > Extinct in the wild >

Found in Africa, China, Siberia, Korea, and India, leopards are the most popular big cat. There are many different subspecies of leopards, including the Amur leopard, African leopard, and the snow leopard, just to name a few.

To kill an animal, leopards slowly sneak up and then launch a quick surprise attack. They bring their kills to trees and branches and then eat it. Their diet consists of many different types of animals, including monkeys, goats, sheep, wildebeest, mice, and antelopes.

Leopards can give birth whenever during the year inside of dens. Females take care of cubs for two years, but before that, the female has to keeps the cubs safe and travel with them, and eventually, the cubs learn hunting skills. Males do not assist in caring for them, as leopards are solitary animals. Nearly half of all cubs die before becoming adults.

Amur leopards are the most endangered of all leopards, which is caused by poaching and habitat loss. They are critically endangered and there’s an estimated sixty remaining in the wild. The population trend keeps on decreasing.

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