Toco Toucan

AnimalToco Toucan
Scientific NameRamphastos toco
Lifespan20 years
SizeBody: 63cm, Beak: 19cm
Weight28 grams
Conservation statusLeast concern > Near threatened >
Vulnerable > Endangered >
Critically endangered > Extinct in the wild >

Toco toucans, located in the tropical forests of South America, are the largest species of toucans. They can grow up to 63 centimeters, their beak taking up half their size. These birds are social and make lots of snorting and croaking sounds. They nest in rotten tree logs and tree cavities and lay two to four eggs. Chicks aren’t born with a massive beak, but it eventually begins growing after a few months pass.

A toucan’s bill is very unique as they are big and rich in color. It is made from keratin (a protein type also found in your nails) and held up by thin bone rods. The toucan uses its beak to assist with eating. They can use them to grab fruits on tree branches and use the serrated edges similar to a knife, breaking apart the food.

Foods they eat consist of many fruits, including oranges, guavas, and figs, as well as baby birds too young to leave their nest, eggs, and insects.


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