Does COVID-19 Affect Animals

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Fifty million people have tested positive with COVID-19. One and a half million deaths were recorded. But we often don’t think how this virus can also affect animals and even our household pets.

COVID-19 can spread through animals as well. Around the world, a few pets such as dogs and cats have been reported with coronavirus. Zoos have signs saying to keep distance from animals. In fact, at the Bronx Zoo, a tiger was tested as positive.

While animals could spread the disease to other animals and humans could spread the disease to animals, pets cannot spread it to humans.

To keep your pets safe, you can keep pets indoors and don’t let them out freely, when walking your pet keep it two meters away from other people and avoid large gatherings. Do not put masks on pets as they can harm them.

If you tested positive with COVID-19, before interacting with your pet wash your hands and wear a mask.

New! Learn why this pandemic may have been good for pets and other animals!

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