Hornbills Vs. Toucans: What’s The Difference?

Hornbills and toucans look alot like each other. They both have a long, colorful beak. They also both have a related diet. But there are actually major differences.

Bigger toucans nest in the hollows of rotted tree logs. Smaller ones acquire a woodpecker hole. With the exception of ground hornbills, hornbills nest in tree holes. They also cover the entrance with mud until all that’s left is just a slim split. This is something that toucans don’t do.

Another thing that hornbills have and toucans don’t is a casque at the top of its beak. A casque is a bony growth.

There are also color differences. Most toucans have colorful plumages which can be yellow, red, green, blue, brown, and black. They can also have colored stripes on the beak. Hornbills, on the other side, have their plumages melanin based (black or brown), so they don’t have as much color.

Some different types of hornbills can include the great hornbill, the black hornbill, the wrinkled hornbill, the ground hornbill, and many others.

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