Giant Panda

AnimalGiant Panda
Scientific NameAiluropoda melanoleuca
Lifespan20 years
Size1.2 m – 1.5 m
Weight136 kg
Conservation statusLeast concern > Near threatened >
Vulnerable > Endangered >
Critically endangered > Extinct in the wild >

Pandas, located in China, are one of the rarest animals to find. They mostly only eat bamboo, although very rarely they can eat fish or small animals. Because of bamboo not being very nutritious, they have to eat 15% of their body weight in 12 hours.

A fully grown female panda would weigh approximately 90.7 kilograms. They can climb up to 3962.4 meters high and can swim well too.

The molar of a panda is very flat and wide. Their teeth shape help them chew the bamboo shoots and leaves for eating.

Pandas are lone animals and can smell other males to avoid them and find females.

Pandas are pregnant for five months and they usually give birth to one or two cubs, but they can’t care for them both at once. Baby pandas weigh 141.7 grams at birth. They can only crawl once they are three months old.

The panda population is increasing and hundreds of pandas are living in zoos or breeding centers.

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